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Insurance Articles
Health insurance is often provided for people as an employment benefit. State and federal government also are responsible in giving out health insurance to individuals who are: over sixty-five years of age, those receiving public assistance and those with certain disabilities like blindness and end-stage renal disease. Usually, employers and government programs are the ones who provide most health insurance coverage to individuals. However, 5% of the American population acquires individual health insurance plans. Individual health insurance plans have many advantages.
1. If you are a policyholder then you don't have to worry about where to get the money to pay for the hospitalization, doctor's fees and other medical expenses because the health insurance company will cover all the expenses [...]
If you possess a credit card more than likely you have been asked if you would like to include credit insurance. Credit insurance is a type of insurance wherein you are the purchaser and the lender is the recipient. Any expenditure will be made straight to the lender. This type of insurance may be favorable for some but an unnecessary cost for others depending on your circumstances. Knowing what this kind of insurance is and the different categories will assist you in making a knowledgeable decision. There are four key types of credit insurance: disability, property, unemployment and life.
-Credit Life Insurance pays off the debt you owe when you are deceased. The company that the debt is owed to would be the beneficiary of the policy. [...]
A business exists to make its owner happy, in other words, give him/her the money. That is why if a company needs money to be able to continuously operate, the credit function plays a vital role since they help them achieve the goal of every businessperson: to gain profit.
Recently, exporters to emerging markets had only stopgap measures which they can rely on to. They can buy traditional credit insurance that is used by exporters to develop markets to protect themselves against commercial risks. On the other hand, a separate political risk policy had to be added to protect businesses against the risks of expropriation, nationalization, or currency inconvertibility.
The credit function, then, is the relationship between customers and many other business functions such as marketing, sales, production, shipping, customer service, and other accounts payable. It contributes to the common objective of maximizing profit by means of a boost in credit sales and the net income from sales by granting credit [...]

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